Monday, December 31, 2012

Oh My English

Oh My English!!
How could be me??
Why my class had been choosen..
i don't want..
but... i should accept it as a challenge..
My English is always spoil my result..
But, until now i still need to learn it..
even, i don't want it..
Why?? Why??
Since a long time, i wanna to run from it..
i guess, if i choose Math as a major,
i will not study english anymore..
finally, it still want me to learn it 
and becoming my important subject,
that i must score it in my examination..
Do you know,
how depress i am, with my english result,
since i was in year six.
in UPSR, i got 4 A n 1 B,
in PMR, i got 6A n 2 B,
in SPM i got 8A n 1 B,
Those B, is belong to english subject..
n i alway felt humble with my all freinds in my class..
all because, of my english.
Oh my English...
it so shameless..
Oh so sad...
i need to accept it right.
i believe, that i will be good in english..
just need a time,
for me to love n enjoy it..
One day, i will be,
an english teacher..
i must try my best...
even, i dont like it...
but... don't forget to smile..
hehe.. =)


  1. wahh..gempaknya result!!!

    syukurla x semua dapat english B..

  2. thanks =)
    biasa ja.. da msuk maktb.. result pun cukup2 mkn ja..
    nasib da cancel bi jd minor..